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Anhui Baidi Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer founded in 1986 and specializing in the production of customized high quality of cotton swabs. Before privatization, it was a station-owned factory. It is located at the foot of Huangshan, a world -famous mountain with many beautiful sceneries, covering an area of more than 17,000 square meters. Anhui Baid Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. started to pr...
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cotton swab for cleaning

This cotton swabs is very practical for every home to be applied in the cleaning of ear, keyboard, jewelry, and the gr...

Hot Cotton Swabs for Pets

Under the world-wide situation of Covid-19 virus, people all over the world need more and more cotton swab(cotton b...

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  • Why delivery time of customized cotton swab is longer?

    Each type customized cotton swab needs a special machie with mould, so it is not possible to arrange many machi...

  • What is customized COTTON SWABS?

    For the global market, there are many different requirements for cotton swabs.We can develop cotton swabs as per th...

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